It’s Not your Fault you’re Having Trouble Making your Payment!
Foreclosures usually start as the result of unexpected circumstances or improper lending. 
So what can you do now?  And how can Coast to Coast help?

Reason #1!
We care about our clients and will work to gain you the best outcome possible.  In my experience when people’s life situations become challenging they often either wish to avoid the situation or they feel overwhelmed and don’t know the right answer to solve the problem.
Often, due to embarrassment, defeatism, or fear many people do not seek the help they need. With Coast to Coast, you will be treated with respect and integrity. All you need to do is ask for help.

Reason #2!
We will work with your lender to get your home sold without you having the stress, worry or workload. 
We first must consider together how much can we realistically sell your home for in Today’s market? We will prepare and honest review of your market value for you.
We will then then negotiate with your lender... we are experts in convincing lenders to accept less than you owe.

Reason #3!
The last thing we want is for you to lose your home. If it is at all possible we will help you either refinance or obtain a bridge loan to bring your mortgage current.
When people are hurting they sometimes need surgery and sometimes just need good advice and a band aid. We are ready with both for you. We do not want to take your home. We want to help find solutions that work for you.

Reason #4!
We understand that everybody runs into problems now and again. We don’t view these times as your fault and we want to help you get back to a better financial footing.
We are uniquely qualified to assist you as we have been in the mortgage banking industry for 28 years and the real estate industry for 15 years. We are 100% committed to your satisfaction. By providing complete service and innovative programs we will meet your needs.
We will never lie to you and do not want to steal your home. Also, our services are completely confidential… it is nobody’s business. You do not have to be in this alone.

We Promise to do All of this …with no obligation or pressure to you!

You just need help from someone with integrity and knowledge acting on your behalf. We have the tools, ability and contacts to represent you. Not all Realtors or Mortgage officers have the proven experience like we have when it comes to selling and financing homes.

That's why we would like you to visit our Testimonials page... because trust through verification is an essential ingredient for your success.
Please call us or email us at any time to let us know when you would like to meet and discuss how we can help you quickly and effectively!