New Construction
Below we have listed the websites of all of the builders available for construction of a new home. While we believe this is a valuable and necessary service, we must stress the importance of having representation before you sign a contract with a builder.
    Having a real estate representative working for you can save you thousands of dollars and ensures you purchase exactly what you want in a home. Please remember the following when considering your options:
    • When you speak to a sales agent, they are working on behalf of the builder and in their best interest.
    • Having representation from a realtor does not eliminate any builder incentives... in fact we may be able to negotiate more.
    • The builder pays the realtor commission, not the buyer.
    • We assist with the complete process, from the selection of the home to completion of construction and move in!

    Let us work for you! Before making any decisions, please call Coast to Coast of Florida Realty and Financial Services at 907-9570 or email me We can also handle all of your financing needs!

    Arthur Rutenberg Homes

    Alvarez Homes

    Avalon Homes

    Beazer Homes

    Cardel Master Builders

    Centex Homes

    David Weekley Homes

    Fox & Jacobs

    Hannah-Bartoletta Homes

    Inland Homes

    KB Home

    Keystone Homes

    Kimball Hill

    Lennar Homes /US Homes

    Lexington Homes

    Marc Maconi Homes

    Mercedes Homes

    MI Homes

    Morrison Homes

    Nohl Crest Homes

    Paragon Homes

    Premier Homes

    Pulte Homes

    Rottlund Homes

    Ryan Homes

    Sabal Homes

    Suarez Housing

    Southern Crafted Homes

    Sunrise Homes

    Transeastern Homes

    Tripp Trademark Homes

    Westfield Homes

    Windjammer Homes

    Windward Homes