How To Package Your Home To Sell

After a full day of house hunting, even the hardiest buyer has difficulty remembering each home visited. A selling display featuring your property's benefits is a great way to be sure your home stands out in the shopper's memory. We've used the following marketing strategies to successfully sell many homes.

Creativity Counts
    Your home's memory points can be mounted attractively in a looseleaf binder and displayed on your dining table or near the front door and on Feature Cards throughout your home. Home shoppers appreciate a memory-jogging take-home flyer, summarizing information for later study. The flyer should always include the property address, price, brief description and agent's name and phone number.

    Focus on Features

      Each home will have its own outstanding features. When we talk about a marketing strategy for your home, we will consider what to include in your display and on the flyer. Here are some worthwhile ideas:

      Capital improvements. Include project description, year completed, and investment amount.

      Upgrades or replacements. List new appliances, paint, attic fan - anything you've accomplished that buyers won't have to do after move-in. Mention special features and benefits.

      Energy-saving features. Cite money-saving upgrades or features such as extra insulation, etc.

      Average annual utility bills. Also mention property taxes, CDD, & HOA fees. Buyers want to know!

      Floor plan. Show room arrangement and dimensions. New-home builders and renovators can often provide floor plans, or one can be drawn for your home.

      Gardening highlights. Sketch the landscaping plan to show work you've done. Identify trees and plants, especially if unusual ones. Provide photos of plants in full bloom, if you're selling off-season.

      Pre-listing home inspection report. Impress buyers with proof of your home's excellent condition. Show receipts for correcting any problems the inspector noted.


      Please contact one of our Trusted Service Providers for help with any work you need to have done!

      Highlight the Neighborhood

      Neighborhood map. Highlight nearby schools, convenient transportation, shopping, parks, libraries, hospitals, and any other amenities or points of interest.

      School data. Feature excellent schools. Mention honors and awards, good student-teacher ratios, sports and athletics, and special programs.

      Neighborhood information. List neighborhood association dues (if any), community events, etc. If yours is a friendly, quiet neighborhood, be sure buyers know it!
      Community services. Include helpful information such as availability of swimming pools, children's activities, and so on.


      Features are important; however, it is most important to make sure buyers understand how they benefit them!  We will help you do that!


      Showings and Open Houses
      To prepare your home for viewing, make it as bright, clean, cheerful and serene as possible. Always look at your home from the buyer's point of view. It is always best to be absent while the house is being shown to prospective buyers, because your presence will inhibit their actions and conversations. They won’t feel free to open closets and cabinets, test out the plumbing and discuss their observations objectively as they walk through the house. It goes without saying that your children and pets should not be on the premises either.

      Quick tips for showings and open houses:

      • Clean or replace dirty or worn carpets.
      • Open all curtains and blinds.
      • Replace any burned out light bulbs and turn on all lights.
      • Clear all clutter.
      • Clear all countertops.
      • Wash and put away any dirty dishes.
      • Set the dining room or kitchen table if you have particularly nice linen or china.
      • Simmer a few drops of vanilla on the stove.
      • Put on soft music.
      • Burn wood in the fireplace on cold days, otherwise, clean the fireplace.
      • Put fresh towels in the bathroom.
      • Take any laundry out of the washer and dryer.
      • Leave the house so your REALTOR® is free to deal with prospective buyers in a professional manner.
      • Put pets in cages or take them to a neighbor.